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Management & Leadership strategies change all the time.

Learning how to get people to do what they need to do, how to motivate them, and hold them accountable is harder than ever due to multiple generations of people in the workforce. That’s why we created a premium learning platform that allows you to be at the forefront of what’s new, exciting, and most importantly, what works.


Books, posts, guides and eBooks are great to learn new topics and understand new things. But sometimes you need to see all the action, and video courses are the fastest way to get there. That’s why inside LEAD you’ll find a whole section dedicated to video courses focused on walking you step by step through the latest leadership techniques including:

How to coach your team to get results

How to communicate effectively with each person from any generation

How to improve your personal productivity to get more work done at work and not at home

Many more…



Join the CEO of LEAD together with the best leadership experts around in a series of off-the-record one-time special events dedicated only to LEAD members.  We will discuss and dissect the most talked-about management and leadership issues, strategies, and tactics such as:

How to prepare yourself for the next promotion

  How to get the money you are worth

How to stand out in a crowd

How to meet goals…and many more


Sometimes you just need to learn while you drive on the way to work.  Audio is a perfect way to take advantage of that time.

Listen to audio courses from numerous current issues.

For those that like to read, we have numerous articles that allow you to quickly pick out by topic issues that most interest you and meet your challenges.


Don’t miss out for just $29 month


Select from hundreds of images sorted by theme and issue to make it easy to promote key ideas to your team or company. You can include them in your emails, newsletters or any way you wish to save time.


Members receive first priority access to live events.  Our live events will feature the most recent authors, thought leaders, and executives that will share secrets on how to be a successful leaders.  Events will be held at prime locations that allow for not only learning, but a resort experience to include your family members.

Exclusive Bonuses:

It’s not unusual for companies to charge over $2,000 per course for just one management or leadership topic.  Plus, you have to pay for travel expense and are out of the office for 2 to 5 days. We think that’s just a waste of your time and still does nothing to keep you current with the latest thoughts.

That’s why we put together LEAD.  It’s for your leadership education and development.  For you, at your own pace, and at your own convenience.  All at a price that anyone can afford. The way we see it, you really shouldn’t have to pay MBA prices for real world help.

That’s why, on top of the opportunities above to help you step up your leadership game, you’ll also get a free 30 minute strategy session conducted personally by CEO Steve Caldwell.  This call alone would be worth 2 years of the cost of LEAD.


Sometimes, it’s important to rely on a network of peers who understand exactly the issues you are having.  That’s why we’ve created a private  Facebook Group dedicated to LEAD subscribers to discuss the latest trends and issues. You will also receive your own copy of “Manager Mojo-Be the Leader Others Want to Follow” by CEO Steve Caldwell.  You’ll learn Steve’s own personal journey to decipher the key skills he had to develop to become an effective and productive leader. I believe this is all that will be needed but of course, will be glad to provide any clarification where needed.  I’ll send the login credentials for MojoUniversity shortly and look forward to working with you.

Don’t miss out for just $29 month